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Pompa ASI Bebas Genggam Buatan Rumah

Terkadang pada situasi tertentu kita membutuhkan multi tasking ketika melakukan kegiatan memompa. Misal: memompa sekaligus menyusui bayi, memompa sambil nyetir mobil, memompa sambil ngetik karena dikejar deadline.

Namun bagaimanapun meluangkan waktu dengan memfokuskan pada kegiatan memompa itu lebih baik. Pernah baca juga kualitas hasil perahan tergangtung physcology ibu ketika sedang memompa.

Perlengkapan hands-free (bebas genggam) untuk breastpump sebenarnya dijual juga di pasaran (asibayi.com juga nanti akan menyediakan perlengkapan ini). Harga-nya memang tidak murah jadi jika bunda ingin mencoba ketrampilan dalam berkreatifitas bisa dicoba yang satu ini.

Perlu dicatat handsfree ini hanya digunakan untuk breastpump electric (ya iya lah, kalau manual tapi ga dipegang namanya bukan manual dong…). Handsfree jga akan bekerja lebih optimal untuk jenis pompa electric yang menggunakan selang/tube seperti: mini electric plus, swing, pump in style, pigeon silent electric, tommee tippee electric, dan pompa asi electric lainnya yang menggunakan selang.

Ada 2 tipe ‘Pumpin Bra Buatan Rumah’ ini yaitu model kait dan model bra. Maaf untuk versi terjemahan menyusul ya.

Pertama model kait

Sumber dari link berikut ini: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/hands-free-pumping.html

By Catharine Decker, MD
Family Medicine/Urgent Care
Luther-Mayo-Midelfort Health Systems

This tutorial was created for breastfeeding mothers, lactation consultants, breastfeeding educators, nurses, physicians and any other health care professionals and is intended to help breastfeeding mothers who must use a breast pump to express milk. There are many “hands-free pumping systems” available on the market today, but many are relatively complicated and expensive and/or require special bras or equipment. This simple method utilizes very inexpensive and readily available materials and functions well for most women.

Please feel free to copy and use these illustrations and instructions to share with your patients and other health care and lactation professionals. They were created with the intent to be shared and distributed for breastfeeding education purposes. You have my permission to print them out, copy and distribute them for educational purposes. You also have my permission to copy them and place them on your own breastfeeding education websites.

Begin with two elastic ponytail holder bands. (Rubber bands may be substituted, but are not quite as sturdy and may break with repeated use.) The ponytail holders are inexpensive and can be purchased at most discount stores.

Overlap edges.

Loop the two elastic bands together to form a “figure-eight”.

Pull knot tight.
Meet “Mimi”, my model for this demonstration. If Mimi looks a little sad, it’s because she’s made of brown paper packaging tape. She’s my home-made dressmakers’ dummy, formerly used for fitting clothing when I’m sewing. She’s a few years old and a little out of shape after a few years of sitting down in my basement. She needs a good bra fitter, but she’ll have to do. :-) Please ignore the markings, they indicate landmarks for sewing purposes.
Prepare bottle. Then loop one end of the figure-eight band around the funnel.

Hook the other end of the figure of eight over the clasp on the nursing bra.
Position pump funnel over breast. The bra can be adjusted up around the funnel to help support it and the mother’s shirt can be positioned around the top of the funnel, which will also help support the funnel and bottle in place. As the bottle fills, the weight of the bottle provides additional stability.
For bras which fasten in the center or otherwise do not have compatible clasps to fasten the loop over, it is still possible to use this system. Before positioning the bottle funnel, loop the figure-eight piece around the bra strap as shown.

Wrap one loop over around the bra strap and pull through the other loop.

Pulling loop through.

Pull the loops taut.

Now proceed as before, fitting the open loop of the elastic holder around the bottle and positioning the bottle over the breast.

Bottle in position with center-fastening bra.

This photo illustrates hands-free pumping using the elastic band method together with a nursing shirt. The nursing shirt (or any shirt) when positioned around the funnels, helps hold everything in place.
All ready to pump. As you can see, this method can be quite discreet, especially if the mother has a nursing shirt. Any regular top can be adjusted down around the top of the funnels to give privacy as well. Note that the photo shows pumping one side only, but the method is perfectly suited to pumping both sides simultaneously, pumping one side or even pumping one breast while nursing baby on the other breast.

Kedua Model Bra

Sumber dari: http://crafts.sleepingbaby.net/pumping_braconvert.html

pumpin bra


  • 1 Regular, non nursing bra (I got this one at Walmart for $2.99 on clearance). Look for material that isn’t too stretchy in the cup and will be easy to sew and work with.
  • 2 Compete hook and eye sets (preferably kind of big)
  • 2 Hooks only (smaller ones, regular bra hook sized)
  • 1 small scrap of fleece


First try on the bra with your pump horns handy. Over the top of the bra, place the pump horn where it would go if you were pumping. Mark the top and bottom of the pump horn with a fabric pen over the center vertical line where you will make the cut.
With the top and bottom of the hole marked, make a mark appx. 1” above each. You will actually be cutting between these marks, NOT where you placed the horns originally. Cut between your new marks so that the cut is wide enough to feed a horn through like a buttonhole, but is 1” above where you placed it while trying on your bra. (Kind of a key hole effect, the
horn “stem” will then rest at the bottom of the hole, but still be in the right place making it more secure)
Take a small scrap of fleece and place it on the front of the bra over the hole you cut. From the back side of the bra sew about ¼” of an inch around the hole you cut in the cup. Cut the fleece to match the center cut in the cup and flip the fleece to the back side so that it is on the inside of the bra cup. Now stitch around the hole again about 1/8” away, securing the fleece and making a sturdy hole. Cut the fleece to about ¾” on all sides of the hole and hand tack it to the cup around the outside edge. Repeat for the second cup. pumpin bra
Put the bra on again, only this time place the horns through the holes. When horns are comfortably positioned mark where you will place the hook and eye to secure the horn in place while pumping, then hand stitch the hook and eye in place. (Velcro or other fasteners might work for this, but I had hooks & eyes handy.) pumpin bra
At the top of the cup, where the cup meets the bra strap, sew one of the small hooks.
Using the hands free pump bra: the bra can be worn on its own with the straps up, but it can also be a pain to have to put on a bra each time you pump. The hooks at the tops of the straps allow you to use it with a regular nursing bra. Just lower your cups and use the hook at the top to hook into your nursing bra eyes (will not work with all bras though, only those that use hook and eye closures or have an eye at the top like Medela bras) then you don’t have to take your shirt off or even take your arms out of your shirt to put on the pump bra. pumpin bra
It is also handy for tandem pumping, just keep one side down… here my regular nursing bra is on under the pump bra one side of the pump bra is down so I can nurse. pumpin bra
And finally this is what I look like when I pump in my car, or in front of people. I just pull a stretchy shirt over my horns and no one can see anything specific. (This is how I pump and drive!) pumpin bra

Bra and directions made by Karen Mellentine, 2003.